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On a Schedule? Here’s How to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Busy schedules are more common today than ever before, with most people having very little time to take care of their vehicles. If you can relate, our team at Rancho Car Wash would like to help. We understand that being busy can often leave your car one of your last concerns. Here’s how we help:

1. Quick Washes

We have high quality materials and machines that gently yet effectively clean vehicles from top to bottom. Whether you have a large suv or a small compact car, we’ll be able to provide a quick clean that leaves your vehicle sparkling like new. If you have time, we can even quickly vacuum the inside so dirt and any garbage are removed. This only takes minutes and the results will leave your car smelling and looking better.

2. Oil and Lube

Why go to two different spots to have your car washed and cleaned? We’re proud to offer oil and lube services to anyone who visits us. We have a dedicated team to this service, so each person is able to work as efficiently as possible. This allows us to get our customers through as quickly as possible so they can move on with their day. If you’ve been putting off maintenance, don’t wait any longer. We can take care of it so your car isn’t at risk of breaking down from lack of care.

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