Messy Car Seats? Come See Us!

Over the course of a day, your car seats can see a lot of dirt, dust, crumbs, hair, and even pet fur. For this reason, they may begin to look dirty even if your car is fairly new. At Rancho Car Wash, we want to help refresh the look of your car seats from spills, dirt, or even stains. Custom car seat cleaning is one of our most requested services because it works. Whether your seats are leather or made from soft cloth, our experts have the experience, tools, and techniques that are needed to clean them beautifully.

How Does it Work?

– Vacuuming

Our car seat cleaning service always begins with vacuuming to remove all of the interior dirt and dust that can cause your seats to look bad. We have small suction tools for our vacuum that allow us to get in even the smallest of crevices.

– Stain Removal

Have stains from spilled drinks or food? We will work on gently cleaning those so they are either removed or lifted several shades. We use gentle cleaning solutions so your seats will not get damaged in this process.

– Conditioning

Depending on the type of material your seats are covered with, our experts will condition them. For leather this is most important, as it helps make sure it stays moisturized in order to help prevent cracking.

Do you want your car’s interior to look nicer with clean car seats? Come visit us and we’ll take care of you, whether you have a small car or a large SUV.

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