Free Car Wash with Oil Change at Temecula Car Wash

At Temecula Car Wash we have a reputation of providing a great customer experience to every customer, no matter what service they come in for. However, we’re also known for offering excellent value, whether with car washes or oil changes. For this reason, we’re proud to say that we currently offer a free car wash with an oil change to help save you money and time in your busy schedule.

How Much is an Oil Change?*

Saving our customers money is important, which is why oil changes only cost $39.99. This includes 5 quarts of oil and there will be an increased charge for each additional quart.

Is the Wash Included?

Yes! Our full service car washes are included in within this price, although there may be an additional charge for extra services or larger vehicles.

At Temecula Car Wash we know that including a car wash with an oil change can help make your life easier, especially if you don’t have time to do the two at different locations around town. Our staff is highly trained with both of these services and they strive to exceed customer expectations every time. For this reason, we hope you choose us to clean your car and change the oil so it can keep coming to us on a regular basis!


*Oil changes are up to 5 quarts of oil. Additional charge will occur for each additional quart. These services include a full service car wash. Prices are subject to change based on size of vehicle and added services.
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