Importance of Car Detailing on a Regular Basis

Having your car detailed is a certainly a treat, as it gets rid of all the garbage, dirt, dust, and even food that builds up within your car over the course of days or weeks. However, did you know there are benefits other than just having a car that looks great and smells great? At Rancho Car Wash we love to tell our customers how beneficial detailing can be when done on a regular basis! Some of the biggest advantages include:

– Protection From the Sun

The UV rays can be damaging to the paint and even finish that’s covering your car. To help protect it, we use high quality wax that helps prevent damage to your paint and the surface of your vehicle over time. When done regularly, you’ll notice your vehicle’s exterior stays shiny and pristine much longer.

– Better Resale Value

Want your car to sell for more when you decide to buy another? Regular detailing is one of the best ways to do that. This service will ensure the outside and inside of your car stays looking like new and in good shape as well. As a result, you may get more money when you trade it in or even sell it.

– Safety

Debris in the wheels or garbage lying under the gas/brake can easily cause an accident. To help keep you safe, a good detailing can clean your car out and remove any debris that shouldn’t be cluttering your ride.

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