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How often should I wash my car?
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How often should I wash my car?

Getting a car wash may not feel like a top priority at times but you might want to reconsider because it is something you should do regularly, that is if you would like your vehicle to stay in the best condition possible. Being a car owner is a true investment, so washing your car regularly is extremely important.

This begs the question; how often should I be washing my car or can I wash it too frequently? These are valid questions most car owners ask themselves. Here is information to help you navigate these questions and assist you with essential vehicle care.

As a good rule of thumb, you should be washing your car once a week. This will keep things like dust, tree sap, bug splats and dirt from being stuck to your car and causing unwanted damage. However, you may need to get a wash and detail more often depending on when and where you drive your car.

Let’s look at some determining factors that will help you understand how often you should be getting a car wash…

Do you commute to work every day? If so, you’re most likely up against more bug debris and dirt getting kicked up from the highway. The more you drive, the more your car is exposed to environmental threats to the paint and finish. Be mindful of removing those bug splatters and dirt quickly to avoid damage. Getting them off your car quickly will keep your paint from chipping and also keep you safe. Unwanted debris on your windows can make it harder to see and potentially cause an accident.

Maybe you’re more of a homebody and don’t get out of the house too often which means your car sits parked under a shady tree all day. Tree sap may be all over and eventually corrode your vehicle. Not to mention, the heat of summer can accelerate the damaging process that this sap causes. Bird droppings can also be a major issue. The extreme heat can bake those stains into the paint making them harder to get off which could ultimately cause costly repairs.

Do you park your car in the garage or have it in storage? Even if it’s sitting idle, it’s still a good idea to wash it on a regular basis as it is an integral part of upkeep, maintaining the paint and avoiding rust.

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