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The Importance of Car Washing and Detailing
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The Importance of Car Washing and Detailing

Car Wash Towel Being Used On DashboardWashing Your Car is a Responsibility

There are some people who can’t stand the sight of dirt, be it in piles on the ground, or in a fine dust on the exterior of their vehicle. For people like this, there isn’t a more unfortunate thing than stepping outside, and seeing your car, your vehicle, the place you spend so much personal time because of your commute to work, looking like it rolled around in stock yard. Many things make our cars dirty, and living in a place with any air pollution at all can keep them looking dirty. Air pollution, in its own way, actually preserves the dirt on your car, and is the loathed enemy of dirty-phobics. Never fear, though - for anyone who has a hard time dealing with dirt in their lives, your local car wash is here to help. There is even more good news than the presence and ever-available assistance of your local car wash - keeping your car clean is essential to its care! Now, you have no excuse, and more reasons to be at the car wash every Monday morning.

Keeps Your Car’s Paint Healthy

What few people understand about dirt is what actually makes ‘dirt.’ Dirt is a combination of various naturally-occurring materials, including soil, smog, bacteria, animal excrement, pieces of rejected lunches, and so on. All of these things can end up in a fine layer of madness on your car, and maybe have an impact on the aerodynamicness of your car. These layers of discarded and naturally-occurring materials can also have an impact on your car’s paint. Your car’s clear coat, though put in place to protect the paint, can be susceptible to the ill effects of exposure to pollution. The dirt and grime you hate to see on your car can actually eat away at the clear coat, exposing the vulnerable paint. That is one expense that you can avoid by choosing to keep your car clean.

Saves Water

People use crazy amounts of water keeping their cars clean. Some actually bring hoses to the affair, and have their hoses continuously pouring water on their lawn (or straight down the drain, if there’s no lawn). So much water is senselessly wasted in this way, it is no surprise that people are encouraged to visit local neighborhood carwashes if, for no other reason, than to save the water that could be wasted if someone decided to wash their cars at home.

Saves Face

Just think of all of the people that you see driving nice cars that are incredibly filthy. You look at the cars, shake your head, and question the driver’s existence. Don’t let that be you. Do what you know is right (not to mention what you were taught by your folks!) and get that car clean with a trip to your local car wash. Don’t be the one driving the nice, dirty car.

Detailing Takes the Nasty out of Your Car

Take your car’s clean at the carwash to the next level with auto detailing. Everything that you touch in your car is wiped down, cleaned thoroughly, and disinfected where possible. It could take a couple of hours, but it will get every little thing that you can’t stand out of your car, and make it the spotless wonderland that you know it can be.
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