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Is Our Car Wash Safe?

Rancho locationAt Temecula Car Wash a lot of our customers come to us wanting the best quality car wash in the area. Fortunately because we use the highest quality cleaning solutions, best equipment and have employees who go through the correct training, we can provide that. If you’re wondering if your vehicle is safe through our car wash, the answer is YES!

No matter which car wash you choose, from the express was to “the works“, we use high quality cleaning solutions that are safe for your vehicle’s paint job. Our cleaners also use soft towels and are very detailed with getting rid of dust and debris from your vehicle (try a full detail for a complete clean). While we move quickly, your car is in good hands because we understand it’s such a large investment. You can trust us to clean your vehicle without worrying about its safety, as our priority is to keep it looking beautiful no matter its age.

Have questions about the specific type of wash you’re getting? Just ask one of the team members that work for us! They’d be glad to give you detailed information about the solutions and cleaning tools used so you can feel confident knowing your car is protected.

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