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The Importance of an Oil and Filter Change
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The Importance of an Oil and Filter Change

Oil Change Mechanice Checking VolumeTaking Proper Care of Your Car Starts with a Great Wash, and and Oil Change!

Cars are great. They take us around, get us to where we want to go quickly, and store the little things we think we’ll need everyday. Loving your car is all about the care. If you want to be able to ride off into the sunset with that special someone, you’re gonna have to baby that car, and make sure that it has regular oil changes. All of the problems with your car can’t be solved with an oil change, but you will prevent many engine problems with you make sure that your oil stays fresh and clean.

Oil is the Blood of the Care

You want your own blood to be clean, so take care of your car’s blood! Dirty oil in your engine is never a good thing. You could have gunk that affects the performance of your car’s pistons, and if the pistons don’t have all of their functionality, that affects the speed and efficiency of your vehicle. Ensure the health and longevity of your car’s engine with regular oil changes. If you really want to be good to your car, choose partially- or fully-synthetic oil for your car’s next oil change. Synthetic oil will cost more (approximately 30% - 50% more), but it lasts longer in your engine, and will save you money over time, despite the higher upfront investment. The reason that synthetic oil lasts longer than natural oil is because synthetic oil doesn’t break down as quickly as natural oil in an engine.

Oil Changes are Affordable Car Care the Your Engine Needs

Oil changes don’t have to cost you more than around twenty or thirty dollars every couple of months, and some places are committed to getting you in and having you out within a small time frame. There’s nothing like going to your local oil change service and being finished in the time that they say you will. Going for an oil change with your local mechanic keeps money in your community, money that goes to ballet lessons, and home payments.

Changing Your Filter is just as Important as Changing Your Oil

As oil breaks down, the lubricating components become less effective, causing the pistons in your car to produce heat. The friction from which this heat originates can be the source of engine problems, like overheating and warping of engine parts. The other problem with skipping your oil changes is the fact that whether your engine oil is dirty or whether your engine oil is clean, it constantly circulates through your engine. You don’t want dirty oil making your engine dirty, causing gunk, and other buildup. What is equally important, though, is to make sure that your oil change includes a filter change. Changing your filter is important because your filter is actually your first line of defense in protecting your engine from dirty oil. Your oil filter filters dirt, debris, and other undesirable material from your engine oil, and prevents most of it from circulating back through the engine, which can hurt the engine, and cause the oil to break down more quickly.
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