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Choosing the Best Car Wash for your Vehicle
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Choosing the Best Car Wash for your Vehicle

You may have wondered what your options are when it comes to the different types of car washes out there; What’s available to me and what is the best choice for my vehicles.

Let’s start with the Express Car Wash.

Typically, this a quick drive through and exterior only. This is the ‘I’m running late for work, but I need the outside of my car to look nice’ wash. It’s typically the least expensive and the quickest and can be done most frequently. When you choose the drive through wash, you will want to make sure it also includes the wax to keep your car not only shiny but protected. When you’re in a bit of a rush or don’t want to unload the family, this is the best choice for you, and we recommend this wash once a week. At Temecula Car Wash, you’ll be in and out in 5 minutes!

Middle of the lane Full-Service Wash.

The next level up will be the Full-Service Car Wash which includes an exterior wash, interior vacuum and having your windows washed by hand. This is the middle of the lane wash and probably the most popular. This option is quick too, makes it fun for the kids because they get to watch the car go through the wash, see the rainbow suds and wax, and learn about the process of a car wash. It’s also a great opportunity to sit down and answer some emails and take a little break. You’ll get the full experience, and your car will be super shiny and clean. We would recommend this wash be added to your schedule regularly. You can even add on auto seat cleaning and auto carpet cleaning to really make a difference in the way your car looks and feels!

The Works Wash.

When you are looking for that extreme shine and protection for your vehicle, this is the best option for you, The Works! This is the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ wash because it includes everything. This car wash option will help protect your vehicle from the changing weather, dirt and dust in the air and preserve the paint, keeping it from any damage and rust. Adding the auto detail will take it to the next level!

Visit www.TemeculaCarWash.com/car-wash-services to see the many options available at your local car wash or call (951) 694-8118 for more details. We are here to make your car sparkle and shine inside and out!

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