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Avoid Water Spots at all Costs!
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Avoid Water Spots at all Costs!

If you’re from California, you know this rainy weather is out of the norm for us. From a light drizzle to heavy rain to hail and even some snow, we’ve seen it all this winter and it seems to have made its way into our spring season too. Even those tiny raindrops can cause pesky and unwanted water spots. It’s important to keep up with car washes, even if you think the rain will come again, and it most likely will. However, continued maintenance during this time will be a decision you’ll be glad you made. The most cost-effective way to keep up on this maintenance is a monthly car wash membership. Temecula Car Wash will treat your car with the best products possible to remove dirt, grime, and those nasty water spots. A quick drive through or a full interior and exterior wash are both highly effective and necessary during these shifting weather conditions.

Avoid Water Spots

Some of those water spots can be extremely hard to remove. Either from the recent weather or even from the sprinklers that hit your car overnight. To ensure you don’t have water spots that last, take your car in regularly to be washed.

No Rusty Cars Here

Maintenance on your vehicle, even though it takes up time, is super important! Rust can easily build up and water sitting on the exterior of your vehicle for long periods of time can cause damage if you’re not washing and waxing on a regular basis.

Let Temecula Car Wash WASH your cares away! Visit www.TemeculaCarWash.com or call 951-694-8118 for more information on their monthly membership and on the various washes that are available.

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