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6 Top Car Carpet Cleaning Tips
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6 Top Car Carpet Cleaning Tips

Rancho Car WashDoing a deep car carpet cleaning, while necessary every once in awhile, can be a bit of a hassle. If you do deep clean it too many times, it can even begin to wear on the carpet. It is better to keep your carpets as clean as possible at all times. There are some things that you can do to prevent your car carpets from becoming dirty in the first place. If you do see stains, there are some things that you can do to make sure that stains do not remain in your car carpet.

6 Car Carpet Cleaning Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Keep your car carpet clean! Take a look at some of our prevention and cleaning tips so that your carpets can stay clean at all times.

Stain Prevention Tips

1. Don't Eat in the Car!

Food can cause stains unlike anything else. We know that many people eat in the car for convenience, but it is not good for your car's interior. Any crumb can cause grease stains or get stuck in your carpet.

2. Take Off Those Shoes!

While this may not need to happen every day, this tip should happen after an especially dirty day. For example, you should take them off if you go out on a hike or it rained and it's muddy outside. Take off your shoes and place them into a plastic bag so that the mud does not get on the carpet or upholstery. You may also want to keep extra socks in your car so that your feet don't get cold.

3. Place Old Towels on Top of Carpet

Simply laying old towels on top of the carpet can make a difference to keep stains from happening in the first place. Even if someone comes into your car with dirty shoes or drops something on your carpet, it is likely that it will land on the towels instead of your carpet. You can then clean the towels in the washing machine.

Car Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Clean Up Stains Right After They Happen

You do not want messy stains to dry into your carpet, they are practically impossible to clean once they are dry. You will need to have it professionally cleaned to get those stains out. Keep car carpet cleaning products in your car as well as rags so that you can clean those stains as soon as possible.

2. Be Sure to Vacuum Carpets Regularly

Make sure that your car wash vacuums your carpets with every car wash. Regularly vacuuming your carpets can keep crumbs, dirt, and debris from getting stuck in your carpet. Vacuuming keeps your car carpet looking fresh and clean.

3. Have a Professional Do a Car Carpet Cleaning

Even the most cautious car owner needs to have professional car carpet cleaning every once in awhile. You may be surprised how much dirt and debris can get stuck in your carpet. A professional car carpet cleaning will ensure that your carpets look their best at all times.

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