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Signs You Need Car Detailing

At Temecula Car Wash, detailing is one of our most popular services. While it does take longer, it’s worth it for the impeccable results you get in the end. Is this a service that you’re in need of? If you can’t decide whether detailing is something you should take advantage of, look for the signs below. If you notice one or two, then it’s definitely time to come in and see our cleaning experts.

1. There’s Food Under the Seatcar detailing temecula

Whether you dropped a fry, spilled a soda or lost a chip, there’s bound to be food underneath your seat. While you can reach with all of your might, chances are you simply won’t get it all. With detailing, we will. We use special equipment to completely clean underneath your set as well as in the cracks and crevices on the side (which are magnets for food).

2. There are Stains

Animals, kids, and adults can cause stains on the upholstery in your car as well as on the flooring. To get rid of these and lift them gently, professional cleaning is needed. This is something we specialize in at Temecula Car Wash, as we realize how important a clean appearance is.

3. Your Seats are Messy

No matter what type of material makes up the seats in your car, it will get dirty over time. To clean them, it’s essential to have a professional take care of it. Our team in particular uses gentle cleaning methods to lift dirt, get rid of stains and remove odors.

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