Tips for Preparing for Car Detailing

Getting your car washed can make your car look brand new and can keep the paint you love in much better shape. At Rancho Car Wash we want you to have a great experience, which is why we encourage you to come in at any time you notice your car needs cleaning. However, if you’re going to have deep cleaning done, such as detailing, below are a few tips for ways to prepare.

1. Clear Some Time

Although we work efficiently to clean your car with great detail, it’s important that we take our time in order to address every area of the interior and exterior. For this reason, you should schedule your detailing around a time that works best for you. By having more free time, you’ll be able to enjoy the detailing process knowing it’s being done right.

2. Clean Your Car

This doesn’t mean to deep clean the interior or scrub off the dirt from the exterior. It simply means to remove items that will prevent cleaners from being able to access every inch of your interior. For example, you may want to remove a bike from the back, a few coats in the passenger’s seat, or any other items you don’t immediately need for the day.

3. Inspect Each Area

Look around your car to determine problem areas you’d like to have addressed. Bring those to our attention and we will make sure we give them special attention! Our priority is to make your vehicle beautiful.

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