When Was Your Last Car Wash?

It’s easy to go weeks or even months without a car wash when your schedule gets busy and you find less time for extras. However, is that lack of car wash actually hurting your vehicle? If it has been longer than you’d like since your last wash, our team at Rancho Car Wash would like to gently remind you why it’s so important.

1. Your Finish Can Get Damaged
During your daily drives, your car is bound to pick up quite a bit of dirt as well as minerals from the rain. While these won’t cause immediate harm to your vehicle, they can eventually break down the finish. One of the best ways to avoid this is by taking time to get a thorough wash.

2. You Will Get Dirty
From pushing the trunk shut to brushing up against a door, you can get quite dirty if your car hasn’t been washed in a while! Even a quick was at one of our locations can make sure all of the dirt and dust is completely removed from the outside of the vehicle. With this, you’ll both remain clean.

3. Your Car Will Look Dull
Over time, dust and dirt will cause your car to look older and more dull. While this might not bother you at first, in time it can take away from the overall look you’d like for one of your largest investments.

4. Wax Can Improve Coat
If you take advantage of our waxing services, this can help enhance the look and value of the paint job on your car. We use the highest quality waxes and all of our technicians are highly trained on the best methods to apply them.

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