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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Today
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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Today

You’ve Been Procrastinating Getting an Oil Change, Haven’t You?

Schedule an Oil Change Today To Reduce Damage to Your Engine It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. You see your mileage has gone long past what it says on the dashboard, but you’re incredibly busy, and it’s a hassle to stop at your usual place to get an oil change. Changing your oil is one of the best investments you can make in your car though; here are a few reasons it’s time to stop procrastinating and to go get an oil change today.

Oil Lubricates Your Engine

By decreasing friction and carrying heat away, oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine and keeps everything cool and running smoothly. The problem is that the longer the oil is in your engine, the dirtier it’s going to get. The dirtier it gets, the less effective that it becomes. In order to get the most out of your engine, you need to change it. This will improve the overall life and quality of your car, including improving your miles per gallon used.

Repairs are Costly

When your engine is not lubricated from frequent oil changes, the most expensive parts of the engine rub up against each other indiscriminately, wearing each other out to the point where they are rendered useless. This is the reason it’s so important to make sure that you change your oil every three to six months or so.

Remove Dirt Particles and Sludge

As the oil currently in your car begins to lose its lubricative properties, dirt begins to build up more and more in your engine. Corrosion starts to take over and the oil begins to turn into sludge. As this is happening, your engine is going to start grinding to a halt. This ends up being way more costly than the forty dollars you pay to get your oil changed.

Improve Miles Per Gallon

If you started driving over the past ten years, you grew up in the age of expensive gas prices. You know how important it is to be thrifty when you drive. Changing your oil is one of the best ways you can keep most of your money in your pocket. Improving the efficiency of your engine improves the overall efficiency of your car so you can get the best mileage.

Preventing Condensation From Building Up

If condensation is building up in your engine, you have to treat it like you would any other contaminant like dirt or sludge. Changing your oil prevents the buildup of condensation and protects the overall life of your car. This is a reason that even if you never drive your car, you just keep it parked, you still need to change your oil every few thousand miles or so.

Get Your Oil Changed

When you’re looking at your odometer, and you know it’s been way too long since you had your last oil change, it’s time to start carving out some time to get it done at a location near you. In the long run, you’re going to be happy that you did; you’ll be saving thousands and thousands of dollars on costly repairs and getting rid of gross sludge that’s killing your engine from the inside out.

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