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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle
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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

It’s that time of year when you want everything nice and clean, feeling fresh and smelling wonderful. Most of us get our houses nice and tidy come April and completely forget about our vehicles, but we need to remember they are just as important.

It's time to Spring Clean your Vehicle! The details matter when it comes to this topic; waxing the exterior to remove those smudges, getting in the hard-to-reach areas, vacuuming up dog hair that’s been stuck on the seats for months or removing that stain you’ve been starring at wishing it would clean itself.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of your car being “spring clean!”

Benefits of having and keeping the Exterior clean

Feeling a sense of pride in your vehicle is important, right? We think so too; it’s a representation of you!

Keeping the exterior clean is essential to preserve the paint, prevent damage and ultimately have less wear and tear on your car. You can even extend the life of your vehicle by regularly washing and waxing it. 

Keep your money in your pocket and save it for a “rainy day.” If you’re not faithfully washing your vehicle, it can result in very costly repairs but not only that, it can extremely de-value your vehicle.

Dirty windows can be very dangerous. You can easily lose visibility and not be able to react quickly, causing an accident. Not only will it look much better by removing those water spots, dirt, and grime but more importantly it will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Benefits of having and keeping the Interior clean

Making sure your car is well maintained regularly means you can dodge those embarrassing driving situations. Rather than panicking when someone asks for a last-minute ride and having to quickly throw your old gym clothes in the trunk and pick up last night’s dinner wrapper off the floor, you can ensure your passenger will have a clean and comfy ride, anytime to anywhere…. You’re prepared.

We all know that used cars are the rage right now. Why not have your vehicle sale-ready so when that new car you’ve been dreaming of is finally in stock, you can head straight into the dealer and make the trade without any hesitancy? Let’s leave those odors behind by keeping your car uncluttered and well-kept, remember it effects the re-sale value so ensuring it smells fresh and clean is critical.

How about those allergies, the dust build-up on your car mats or that pollen that snuck in while you were at the park? Keeping all surfaces vacuumed and maintained will also keep unhealthy bacteria away and means you can breathe easy year around.

You’ll find yourself smiling more – trust us it’ll just make you happier. Cleanliness creates happiness! Leave it to us to keep you grinning from ear to ear. Temecula Car Wash brings quality personal service to every car wash. Our experts take the time to listen to each customer because we want to make sure that every customer’s needs were being met.

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