Car Wash in Murrieta

Does your car need to be washed? We can help! Temecula Car Wash is proud to be serving car owners throughout the Murrieta Area.

Rancho Car Wash is dedicated to helping the residents of the Murrieta area maintain and clean their cars. We bring personal service to every person that drives onto our lot. We offer auto detailing, and full service car wash. We want you to feel comfortable while you are with us, but we also want you to get on your way in your sparkling car as quickly as possible. Talk to our experts about what your needs are. We will make sure that you car is beautiful. We never push you to buy anything you don’t need.

Drop on by and see what our team can do for you!

About Murrieta

We have worked with many residents and guests from Murrieta and its surrounding areas. Murrieta is located just north of the city of Temecula. Currently, it has an approximate population of 103,466. This makes it one of the one of the highest populated cities in Riverside County. A main attraction for the city during the early 1900’s were the natural hot springs. The Murrieta Hot Springs Resort became internationally known. The popularity of the area waned in the 1930’s. However, growth in the city exploded at the end of the 20th century. The city continues to flourish and modernize as time goes on.

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