De Luz Heights

Car Wash in De Luz Heights

Does your car need to be washed or your oil need to be changed? We can help! Temecula Car Wash is proud to be serving car owners throughout the De Luz Heights Area.

Our team has worked to clean the cars of many families and individuals from the De Luz Heights area. We will make sure that you are pleased when you leave our car wash with our full service car wash and auto detailing. We offer personal service to every person that drives onto our lot. We are pleased to offer a high-quality car wash with a high standard of service. If you ever have any questions about how we can help improve the look of our car, let us know. Our team will make sure you leave us with a car that is running properly and looks absolutely beautiful.

Drop on by and see what our team can do for you!

About De Luz Heights

We have helped maintain and clean the cars of many people from De Luz Heights and its surrounding areas. De Luz Heights is an unincorporated area in the northwesternmost part of San Diego County. It is well known to be a rural area. There are numerous farms, nurseries, and vineyards. Because the area is so rural, the roads are primarily dirt roads. There are also several hiking trails throughout the area. It is located to the west of Temecula and to the north of US Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton.

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