Car Detailing

Guy's hand polishing by rag black car doorDoes your car need to be washed or your oil need to be changed? We can help! Rancho Car Wash is proud to be serving car owners throughout the Temecula Area.

Get That Sparkling Shine

We know that you want your car to look absolutely stunning. Our team know how to do it with our impressive car detailing services. We offer a many different types of detailing to ensure that the interior or exterior of your car looks better than ever. Talk to our team about your detailing needs and we will work quickly to help you get on your way even faster.

Our Express Car Detailing Services

Express Wax

  • We begin with our full service car wash to make sure that your car is sparkling clean.
  • We then hand wax the entire exterior of your car to protect your car’s finish.
  • Once your car has been coated, our team buff out all of the wax to provide a lasting shine.

Interior Super Clean

  • Our team will start with a full service car wash to keep the exterior of your car brilliant. Interior vacuuming is included in your full service car wash.
  • As soon as we have completed vacuuming your car’s interior, our team will condition all of your plastic and vinyl.
  • We will then use compressed air to clean out all of the vents and hard to reach crevices.

Custom Detailing Options Include:

  • Carpet Express
  • Seat Clean
  • Speedy Wax
  • Complete Inside and Out
  • High Speed Polish
  • Clay Treatment
  • Complete Interior

With our multiple locations, we have made it easy for you to find us. Drop on by and see what our team can do for you!

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